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At Good Shepherd Catholic School, sound Catholic values within a strong academic structure is a way of life. We are a fully accredited school serving Garland and the surrounding area with quality education since 1954. Classes are offered for students in PK3 through 8th grade. Classes begin at 7:55 a.m. and are completed at 3:15 p.m. for PK through 3rd grades and 3:30 p.m. for students in 4th through 8th grades. After school care is provided until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Our school offers a religious based curriculum that includes: religion, music, language arts, computers, math, social sciences, art, science various electives and physical education as well as the traditional classes.

Our small, family oriented school offers plenty of opportunities for teacher/student interaction and for parent involvement.

The educational program is a continuous process of helping each student develop his or her potential, thereby gaining personal satisfaction and preparation to assume a role as a contributing member of society.

The ideal of educating the whole child permeates every school activity with emphasis on a developmental approach whereby teachers are sensitized to the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical needs of each student.

Through a curriculum governed by religious ideals, needs of the students, and support of the parents, Good Shepherd School strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • to offer religious instruction in such a way that it permeates the entire educational program, creating religion as a way of life;
  • to provide a climate in which the individual can establish a good set of values, realize his own dignity, and confidently approach the task of solving his own problems;
  • to help the individual and his parents evaluate his abilities, aptitudes, interests, and achievements through professional contact between teacher and parent;
  • to assist the student in orienting and adjusting himself to the school, home, and community;
  • to maintain a flexible curriculum by assisting the teachers in recognizing individual differences, awaking the desire to learn, improving study habits, and seeking wholesome personal goals;
  • to promote aesthetic values and aid in the development of a sense of creativity and freedom of expression through the study of fine arts and humanities;
  • to provide well regulated curricular and co-curricular activities which will aid in the total development of each student;
  • to maintain a high level of curricular excellence and instructional competence in order to prepare each student to cope effectively with the requirements of the secondary schools and the demands of society; and
  • to inculcate a sense of moral values which will enable the student to assume his place in the church and in society.

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Good Shepherd is a fully accredited school.