e-Library Resources

Find in this page all the resources you’ll need during remote learning.

School Library Website


This is the website for our school library.  From home, students will be able to have access to multiple databases for research and other great tools.  Grade 1st – 8th, Use your AR user name and password. 

What do I do once I log in?

  1. Once logged in click on Catalog. 
  2. At the left side, click on the Destiny Discover tab.  You can enter a subject to search for. 
  3. Under the search, you can click on Databases or Open Educational Resources. 

Students in 1st and 2nd grade – Mrs. Cook may need to reset your password if you are unable to log on. 

Follett Database

Our library system at Good Shepherd sent this link to find 30 day trials for databases 


Online Encyclopedia

This is our online encyclopedias for research and so much more.  Online books, trivia, games – fun for all ages.  It is available in Spanish once logged in.  The home login is goodshepherdhome and the password is cardinalshome 


Nicholson Public Library

Don’t forget about Nicholson Public Library.  If you have a public library card with them, you may open an online account and then have access to a wealth of information at your fingertips from ebooks and genealogy to homework study tools and tutoring – all for FREE!  If you have a library card from another public library system (Dallas or another city), please look into opening an online account with them.  There is so much free information available to you. 


Over 65 thousand free ebooks that are in the public domain:



Safe Search Resources for Kids:  

  • Refseek 
  • Sweetsearch 
  • Instagrok 
  • Kidtopia
  • KidsClick
  • Allaboutexplorers
  • Googleaday
  • Viewpure


To help make eLearning easier, our library system, Follett, is providing free access to eBooks from Lightbox™ and AV2 World Languages through June 30, 2020. You can register for access here. 


  • In the location box, it says “Any Location” – Do not change. 
  • In the school box, enter “Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL and click Go 
  • To log in, click on the “Log In” button at the top right of the screen 
  • Username:  guest 
  • Password: follett 

Lightbox™ offers over 1000 PreK-12 titles in science, social studies, language arts, math and more. AV2 World Languages features high-interest titles in 10 different languages with full audio support. Parents and students will find these resources interactive, easy to use and a great way for students to independently explore a new topic.  

“There’s an APP for that!”

Here is an app that you may utilize during our time away from Good Shepherd: 

App: epic! 

Kids’ books and videos – epic! is an award-winning digital library.  Get instant access to 35,000 ebooks, audio books, videos and quizzes. 


In regards to Six Flags “Read to Succeed” (grades K – 6th only), please take advantage of this time to read and log your hours.  All you need is six hours of logged reading from regular books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers comic books or graphic novels in order to receive your FREE Six Flags ticket for this summer. 

Six Flags started using a Parent Online Portal this year for the parent to log their own child’s or children’s reading hours.  Each teacher in K through 6th has their own online code for the parent to access and log hours. 

Mrs. Cook has received notification from Six Flags that the school coordinator (Mrs. Cook) may now begin logging student hours – the same method that has been used in previous years.   

Contact Mrs. Cook if…

  • You need Mrs. Cook to email your child’s Six Flags teacher code to log their hours
  • You want Mrs. Cook to log your child’s hours for you – email her with their total hours read. REMEMBER: They must have read a minimum of six (6) hours in order for her to do this and for them to receive their FREE Six Flags ticket for this summer.
    • Original DEADLINE for submission was Wednesday, April 15, 2020. (This page will be updated should there be any changes.)

Contact Mrs. Cook via email at [email protected]