General FAQ’s

Why should I choose to send my child/children to Good Shepherd?

At Good Shepherd we provide a Christian environment where we are dedicated to a program of excellence designed to train the mind, strengthen values, and foster the spirit and faith of each and every child enrolled in our school.

When you walk into Good Shepherd School, you will feel a sense of history — of all the students whose lives have been impacted over the past 60 years. You will see a building that has evolved and changed to continue to meet the needs of its students.   You will feel a sense of community and involvement that comes from being part of a small school where students and teachers and parents all work together. And you’ll feel a sense of spirituality that comes from being in a Catholic environment where God is at the center.

Your children will receive an excellent education at GSS. But more importantly, they’ll become part of a close-knit family: a welcoming community — a supportive, safe place where they can reach their full potential both academically and spiritually.

Why should I send my children to a Catholic school when the public school they attend educates them well?

Like public schools, GSS has degreed and certified teachers, a curriculum based on national standards and offers fine arts, band, drama, choir and sports. However unlike public school, students at GSS are able to learn about and actively practice their faith and are surrounded by other students doing the same thing! Students at GSS pray 3-5 times a day in class, they attend Mass weekly, religion classes, and they participate in Catholic rituals such as the rosary, stations of the cross and Advent. They learn from Catholic teachers who share their faith and support students in growing both as students and believers teach students. And finally they are taught Christian morals and values throughout their day.

Do GSS students take STARR tests?

GSS students do not take the STARR test in the spring. Rather GSS students are given the Iowa Basic Skills test in the fall. Results from the test enable teachers to determine instruction needs for individual students and work with them throughout they year.

How big are your classes?

Our class sizes vary depending on enrollment.

Our average class size is currently 17 students.

Do you have before-school and after-school care?

Yes! GSS provides before-school care. Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:20 am and are supervised prior to the school start at 7:55 am.

After-school care is available from 3:30-6:00pm. We do not charge for the first 30 minutes and only charge half price for the second 30 minutes. Drop in rates are $12/student and weekly rates are $50 for one student, $75 for two students and $90 for three students. There is a $30 registration fee per family to participate.

What are the advantages of your Pre-K program compared to other daycare options?

We offer a full-day Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 program with after-school care available until 6pm for an additional fee.   You will find that our rates are very affordable compared to other full-day daycare options in the area.

Our preschool program uses a multi-sensory, integrated learning approach to give three and four year-olds a solid foundation of academic readiness skills and a broad knowledge base upon which to build. We encourage a child’s love for learning and prepare them for formal academics with a natural, built-in format of beginning phonics, math readiness and the essential skills. As a Catholic preschool, we also help students develop a love of Jesus and knowledge of the presence of God in their lives.