OLD-Tuition & Fees

Comparison of Public School and Good Shepherd Catholic School

At Good Shepherd Catholic School we make every effort to remain competitive with other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas regarding tuition and fees. In fact Good Shepherd consistently ranks as one of the overall more moderately priced schools. We pride ourselved in offering significant discounts to multi-children families.

All new and returning families will pay a non-refundable registration fee of $350 per family.

Each family is asked to contribute $150 towards our fall fundraiser and $200 to our annual spring auction fundraiser.

Full Time Pre-K Program (3 & 4 year olds) & Kindergarten – 8th Grade

# of Students Annual Tuition 10 Monthly Payments
11 Monthly Payments
12 Monthly Payments (July-June) Paid in full
by June 19th *
1 $5,210 $521 $474 $435 $4,950
2 $9,310 $931 $847 $776 $8,845
3+ $12,880 $1,288 $1,171 $1,074 $12,236
* 5% discount if paid in full by June 20, 2016

We provide three available options for families to pay tuition:

  • payment in full (pre-payment by June 19, 2015 entitles family to 5% discount)
  • monthly payments over 10, 11, or 12 months beginning in July (through FACTS Tuition Program – annual $43 service fee applies)

Financial Aid is offered by Good Shepherd Catholic School to assist families with the cost of tuition and is based solely on need. Financial Aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to families who are parishioners of Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

Financial Aid:  There are two sources of financial aid available to Good Shepherd Catholic School families:

1.   Diocese of Dallas Education Endowment Trust – apply online at www.factstuitionaid.com ($30 fee to apply)

3.   Good Shepherd Tuition Assistance Program – apply online at www.factstuitionaid.com (no additional fee if you paid the $30 fee to FACTS for the Diocese of Dallas scholarship – you can apply for both on the same application)

Please call the school office for more information (972) 272-6533